Creator of the Very Wishing Story and “The Waterfalls” 

Lee Wei Lieh (Wei)

Installation Artist /
Calligrapher /

Wei is a part-time installation artist who loves to create meaningful pieces that interact with audiences. His works have been shown at Singapore Night Festival, i-Light Marina Bay, Noise Singapore and also Very Small Exhibition, a collective which he co-founded. He is featured in the publication Singapore Eye: Contemporary Singapore Art, as a local contemporary artist. Wei likes to create works that get people thinking. He believes that art should be more than just aesthetically pleasing occurrences of self-expression; it should encourage self-reflection that leads to better quality of being. Wei is a lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic's School of Design.




Here are the group of artists who have collaborated to brought you The Very Wishing Story.

Key Illustrator

Sum Qian Yu

Illustrator /

Sum Qian Yu (QY) is a designer and illustrator based in Singapore. With a passion for illustrating children's storybooks, QY enjoys imagining alternate worlds and translating them into visuals that spark delight in all ages. As an emerging creative, QY has exhibited her works at national platforms such as NOISE Singapore 2015 and SHINE Festival 2015. She graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with a Diploma in Visual Communication with Merit, was on the Director’s List for three consecutive years, and was also a recipient of The Daisy Phay TP Foundation Scholarship in 2014.


Creators of "The Cave"

Goh Jing Qing


Qing is a designer who graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with a diploma in Visual Communication. She believes that understanding type as a graphic designer is important, as it is makes up a great amount of the brand experience. Qing recently begun a personal project, JQWL, that explores Chinese typography using her name.


Lim Chearmin


Having graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with a Diploma in Visual Communications, Chearmin has been on a never-ending journey to explore her creativity beyond graphic design. Currently working in Supermama, her creativity expands to Visual Merchandising & in-house collaterals. Her best joys are to have people leave a store or space feeling inspired or delighted from the experience they get in the few minutes of interaction.

Creator of "The Forest"

Build Beyond Borders

Design collective 

Build Beyond Borders is a social enterprise that designs, builds and project manages community-based infrastructures in developing/under-developed regions through better, safer and environmentally friendly methods.

     We engage in collaborations efforts with the community’s primary stakeholders to reinforce their local capactities and resilience, thus empowering the community through sustainable means.

     Build Beyond Borders recognises the notion ‘Think outside the box’. We aim to ‘open’ this box, inspire the Lehmans, to design and build in ways more creative than our usual minds restrict us through our projects and installations.

     Build Beyond Borders would like to undo the the current, notice and often unnoticed, erase the assumptions of normality in many subtle ways.


Performing Artists

Vanessa Han

Aspiring Singer/

First-time Songwriter

Vanessa is a 5 month fresh graphic design graduate from Temasek Poly. She's very bad at describing herself in words so just come down during Night Fest 2016 and expect a good time!


Cheryl Tay (Cherz)

Aspiring Singer-Songwriter /

Designer /


Cherz is an aspiring singer-songwriter on the sidelines and a full-time graphic designer that graduated with a Diploma in Visual Communications from Temasek Polytechnic. She listens to alternative/indie folk music a tad bit too much and loves drinking a cup of tea or maybe two, but that does not make her a huge cat lover. She often finds herself exploring and venturing out into the unknown to discover impeccable ideas, inspired by the vastness and spiritually of the beauty in the enduring effects of everyday life and the things around her. By interweaving her undying passion for writing, music and design, this has allows her to breathe new life into the realm of art.


Ian Sim

Aspiring Singer-Songwriter /

Musician /


Ian is an aspiring Musician and Singer-Songwriter with a great passion for anything and everything that involves music. Writing lyrics and songs in his free time, Ian hopes to create music that is relatable to its listeners, but at the same time also brings hope and happiness. Aside from music, Ian is also a Graphic Designer with a love for creating impactful and creative visuals. Graduated with a Diploma in Visual Communication from Temasek Polytechnic's School of Design, Ian hopes to also pursue a career in the Graphic Design Industry.

Irwin Zephyr (Zeph)

Aspiring Singer-Songwriter /


Currently suffering from a mid-teen-to-adult-life crisis, Irwin Zephyr (@callmezeph) tries his best to sing away the blues of life from the comforts of his Hall room in NTU. Usually found at your nearest Macs or frolicking down Orchard with llaollao, he still deliberates whether to introduce himself as Irwin or Zeph.

     Probably the least indie guy you'll ever meet who sings indie (or attempts to) but then again no one has paid him to stop... yet.


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